Capitol Hill Seattle Blog
Seven candidates file for Seattle City Council Position 8 race

“I’ve built a career and based a career on making sure no one is left behind,” Mosqueda told CHS. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cities are going to be both the first line of offense and the last line of defense under a Trump administration,” Mosqueda said. Her three-pillar platform consists of making sure the rights of all Seattleites are protected, building on the promises of an affordable and accessible city, and exploring what can be done to protect and provide health care for vulnerable populations. With her experience in public health, she looks at many of the city’s challenges through a “health lens.” Mosqueda boasts more than 70 endorsements so far including former state representative and 7th Congressional District candidate Brady WalkinshawLt. Gov. Cyrus Habib, and 43rd Legislative District Rep. and Speaker of the House Frank Chopp. … Read More

The Seattle Times
Labor leader Teresa Mosqueda announces run for Seattle City Council

Teresa Mosqueda, a labor-movement leader who helped write last year’s initiative to raise the state minimum wage, is running for Seattle City Council. Mosqueda is political-campaign director at the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO and has served on the state’s Exchange Board, which oversees Obamacare. … Read More

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog looks at Mosqueda's fight for a higher minimum wage
Time to vote: statewide initiatives in brief — carbon tax, state minimum wage, campaign finance

Seattle is already incrementally increasing its minimum wage to $15, but according to Teresa Mosqueda, political & strategic campaign director with the Washington State Labor Council, a study of the six largest cities in the state shows a boost is needed elsewhere too. Mosqueda also argued that it will help local economies because workers who have a little more money will spend it on basic necessities. … Read More

KEXP Mind Over Matters Podcast: Sustainability Segment: Teresa Mosqueda

Guest Teresa Mosqueda, Political and Strategic Campaign Director, Washington State Labor Council, speaks with Diane Horn about the Raise Up Washington Initiative, I-1433, which will raise the state minimum wage to $13.50 per hour and provide up to seven days of paid sick and safe leave per year. … Read More speak to Teresa Mosqueda about the fight to raise the minimum wage
Sustainability Segment: Teresa Mosqueda

'We need to be looking at the basic necessities that every family needs, childcare, affordable healthcare, making sure that they have affordable housing. These are all components of what families need to be whole, to be self-sustaining'. … Read More

The Stand writes on UW honoree Teresa Mosqueda
Mosqueda among UW honorees for work on gender equity

Those of you who know Teresa know that she brings a passion for social and economic justice to everything that she does. She is an articulate and fierce advocate for health care for all and, as a member of Washington State’s Health Care Exchange Board, she continuously forces a somewhat reticent and timid Exchange management to live up to the commitment of the Affordable Care Act to make sure that low income families get the best health care coverage available to them. 'Teresa’s work began by advancing health and social justice policies with the Sea Mar Health Care Centers where she served as Latino Senior program manager and has continued through today … lobbying to advance policies to protect children’s health, access to education and food, and against the consequences of poverty and (policies to advance the cause of broadly shared prosperity), and so much more.' … Read More

Komo News details Mosquedas' opposition to lower minimum wage for teens
State lawmakers want lower minimum wage for teen workers

"This is not about training or giving youth an opportunity. It's simply a race to the bottom in trying to pay workers less," said Teresa Mosqueda of the state Labor Council. … Read More

Puget Sound Business Journal- Mosqueda stands up to CEO salary raise
Washington exchange CEO’s 13 percent raise exceeded what was planned

Onizuka has received some criticism for accepting the raise. Exchange board member Teresa Mosqueda, who voted against the raise, said she couldn’t “in good conscience” vote for a raise when the goal of health reform is to cut cost to the system. And at a Nov. 21 Senate hearing, Republican state Sen. Bruce Dammeier of Puyallup told Onizuka he was shocked that the exchange CEO would accept such a large increase. … Read More

The Seattle Times acknowledges Mosqueda's vote against raising of CEO's salary
Exchange board votes to raise CEO’s salary

Teresa Mosqeda, legislative and policy director for the Washington State Labor Council, voted against the motion. Mosqueda commended Onizuka’s performance as CEO. But she said it seemed inappropriate to raise salaries “when part of the goal of the Affordable Care Act was to decrease costs to the system.” … Read More
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