WA State Democrats Chair Tina Podlodowski Endorses Teresa

SEATTLE – Washington State Democrats Chair Tina Podlodowski announced her endorsement of Teresa Mosqueda for Seattle City Council, Position 8 in advance of Labor Day. Podlodowski said, “Now more than ever it is critical that Seattle’s progressive Democrats stand united to protect and advance our values. Teresa is an accomplished leader who has fought successfully … Continued

Diversity shapes City Council and mayoral race in Seattle

“We need those who are most affected by the issues to be leading and making sure our democracy is truly inclusive,” said Nandagopal. Labor leader Teresa Mosqueda continues to lead in her race to take over for retiring Councilman Tim Burgess. Writer and political commentator Hanna Brooks Olsen said Mosqueda is another part of the wave of change. “Really, this coming together of younger people but also traditionally disenfranchised people---people from marginalized communities coming together,” she said. … Read More

Seattle Met/PubliCola
Mosqueda and Grant Lead for General Election

Teresa Mosqueda is solidly in the lead with 30.8 percent of the votes. There were some expectations from the primary that far-left candidates for Seattle City Council Position 8—labor leader Teresa Mosqueda and former Tenants Union director Jon Grant—would compete for votes. Turns out it would be Jon Grant and Fremont Brewing co-owner Sara Nelson gunning for the second seat, while labor leader Teresa Mosqueda took a very solid lead to make it to the November 7 general election... “I’m just blown away and incredibly humbled,” Mosqueda told PubliCola. Mosqueda was backed by five of her would-be colleagues on the Seattle City Council, every labor union and Democratic group in the city, and several other elected officials like congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. … Read More

The Stranger
What the 2017 Primary Election Night Returns Mean for Seattle City Council

Incumbent Tim Burgess is retiring from citywide Position 8, which leaves a wide open field. With last night’s first drop of results, labor leader Teresa Mosqueda was in a clear first place. After a crowd of supporters chanted “Te-re-sa!” at her election night party, Mosqueda said she was confident her lead would hold... Mosqueda won about 31 percent, Grant won about 24 percent, and Nelson about 23 percent. … Read More

The Seattle Times
Mosqueda and Grant appear headed toward November runoff for Seattle City Council

If Tuesday returns hold, the Position 8 race would pit labor-backed Mosqueda, 37, against socialist-supported Grant, 35. Mosqueda had 31 percent of the vote, while Grant had 24 percent. “Our win shows support by a broad coalition of folks who saw an ability to have a voice on the council,” Mosqueda said. “Democracy vouchers very much gave people a way to participate in the electoral process they may have felt shut out of.” She said she looked forward to coming discussion and debate with Grant or Nelson, whichever one appears on the Nov. 7. … Read More

The Stranger
Can They Really Do That? Daylighting Police Union Negotiations

"Washington Labor Council political and strategic campaign director Teresa Mosqueda, opposes opening police negotiations to the public because doing so would “erode the very essence of what makes negotiations possible.” To increase public input in the process, Mosqueda instead proposes assigning a civilian liaison to sit at the negotiating table. “This can be done, and it’s a real and productive way to create a more transparent and accountable process that will result in a contract,” she said. Mosqueda notes that Freedom Foundation, the Olympia-based, anti-union think tank, would welcome any attempt to open union negotiations, including a narrow carve out for police discipline. She’s right." … Read More

Seattle Met
Candidate Profile: Teresa Mosqueda

"She’s been endorsed by several state and federally elected officials like congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, as well as five of her would-be colleagues on the council (Sally Bagshaw, Lorena Gonzalez, Debora Juarez, Rob Johnson, and Mike O’Brien). I understand that it’s not just about pounding your fists on the table and saying ‘no’ or ‘yes,’” Mosqueda said. “It’s about finding that common ground and finding a pathway forward.” … Read More

The Nation
Imagine a Campaign-Finance System That’s the Opposite of Today’s Dark-Money Monster

“I’m a renter, I still have student loans, I’m lucky to be in the labor movement and have a good job, but I can’t self-finance my campaign,” says the 36-year-old Mosqueda, who has been endorsed by a wide range of unions as well as Pramila Jayapal, Seattle’s powerhouse new congresswoman, among others. “Because I have a day job, I will go out for a two- or three-hour shift in the evenings or on the weekend, and in that amount of time I am able to talk to people and get three or four or five hundred dollars in democracy vouchers. It has been a huge benefit.” Mosqueda says her campaign, which is focused on economic, labor, and housing rights, has raised more than $100,000 through the new program. … Read More

The rent is too damn high: Which candidate will fix that?

Another candidate, Teresa Mosqueda, also wants state law to change: "I absolutely think that we need to have rent stabilization as a tool in our tool belt," she said. Mosqueda is political director for the Washington State Labor Council. And like the other candidates who support rent control or stabilization, until that changes, Mosqeuda has proposed a range of other strategies to help low-income renters. … Read More

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Teresa Mosqueda

Thank you to our congressional members for speaking out against #Janus and the upcoming #SCOTUS decision. Unions make workers and workplaces safe. #UnionStrong

Members of Congress stood in solidarity with working families, speaking out against the forces behind the Janus case before the Supreme Court. More details on AFSCME Now: afsc.me/2E55EwT
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