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Council Member Mike O’Brien Endorses Teresa Mosqueda

Teresa Mosqueda picked up the endorsement of Seattle City Council Member Mike O'Brien today, giving her support from a majority of the council in her race for an open citywide seat.
"Teresa is an organizer who has stood against powerful interests and won," O'Brien said in a statement released by Mosqueda's campaign today. "Throughout her career, Teresa has fought for workers and low-income communities in Washington State." … Read More

FUSE Progressive Voter's Guide
FUSE Progressive Voter’s Guide Primary 2017

"Teresa Mosqueda is the Political and Strategic Campaign Director at the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. She was a leader in the statewide campaign to raise the minimum wage in 2016 and also worked to expand health care access and promote environmental justice. She is running for city council to improve housing affordability and support workers. Her experience advocating for working families at the state and local level has given her an impressive depth of knowledge about both policy details and the legislative process. Mosqueda is the best choice for Seattle City Council, Position 8." … Read More

Seattle Transit Blog endorses Mosqueda for City Council
Mosqueda, Gonzalez for City Council

In this wide field, Teresa Mosqueda stands out as uniquely prepared to deal with the details around getting more housing, and more affordable housing built. On transportation, Mosqueda supports more connected sidewalks, more protected bike lanes, using the city’s bonding authority to speed up light rail planning and construction, and getting more cars off the road. She correctly views this as a public health issue. Her emphasis on the public health aspects of transportation and land use is a wonderful way to transcend purely economic trade-offs regarding, for example, the cost of driving. … Read More

Seattle Gay News sits down with Teresa Mosqueda
Seattle Gay News exclusive interview: Seattle City Council candidate Teresa Mosqueda

Mosqueda bridges the gap between activist and policy wonk. As organized labor's woman in Olympia, she helped to draft legislation, persuaded skeptical lawmakers to embrace it, and brought community pressure to bear on them if they faltered. As a first-time candidate, Mosqueda says she's taken quite well to campaigning. 'The easiest thing is having conversations with voters,' she smiles. 'I think it's because I've lived their experiences. I'm a woman of color, I'm young - I'm 36 - I'm a renter, I've worked with a senior population and with non-English speakers.' … Read More

The Urbanist endorses Teresa Mosqueda for Seattle City Council
2017 Primary Endorsements

Mosqueda comes to the Council race with a long history of successful public service and social justice advocacy (such as her leadership of the campaign to raise the state minimum wage), and an impressive list of endorsements from across the Seattle political spectrum. If elected, Mosqueda would be the only renter on the Council. Even beyond the symbolism, it’s clear that Mosqueda understands the interconnected challenges that marginalized Seattleites face in a way that many progressive leaders do not. We believe that Mosqueda will be an effective and powerful advocate for making Seattle a fairer, greener, and more vibrant city. Vote Mosqueda. … Read More

The Stranger delves into Mosqueda's political roots.
Race for Open City Council Seat Test’s Seattle’s New Political Divides

During Mosqueda's childhood, her parents hosted house meetings for organizing in support of sanctuary for immigrants and against the Gulf War. Mosqueda remembers sitting near the front door with a coffee can she decorated, collecting donations. "A lot of our family photos were taken at protests," she says. With degrees from the University of Washington and Evergreen, Mosqueda worked on public health policy for the Washington State Department of Health and the Children's Alliance. In the years after the 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act, she sat on the Health Benefit Exchange Board. She was the sole holdout against granting the CEO of the insurance exchange a 13 percent raise. Later, she helped write and campaign for the state minimum wage after Republicans in the state legislature blocked efforts to raise the wage through legislation. … Read More

The Seattle Times highlights why Mosqueda is the right choice for Seattle City Council
Seattle City Council race pits labor, business, Socialists and Democrats for key post

Mosqueda is endorsed by every Democratic Party group in the city and dozens of elected officials, such as U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal. The 36-year-old health-policy expert helped write and pass an initiative last year raising the state’s minimum wage. [Nicole Grant] described Mosqueda as a candidate who can move the Democratic Party forward — a young woman of color fighting President Donald Trump’s agenda. … Read More

Seattle Bike Blog
Replay and recap: City Council Position 8 transportation and housing forum

Every one of Teresa Mosqueda’s answers was packed with energy. She sort of made everyone else (except maybe Sheley Secrest) look like they were standing still, especially McGregor and Hisam Goueli who had the misfortune of going before and after her. Right out the door, she framed transportation and housing as public health issues. “My life’s work has been in public health,” she said, and that means “more walkable, bikeable neighborhoods.” Mosqueda linked safe streets both to the global and national movement to fight climate change and to local environmental justice issues. “There are communities throughout our city who are dying at higher rates becuse of their zip codes and their race,” she said. While she wasn’t equivocating on the need for safer streets, she said the city can do more to get community buy-in. … Read More

I am honored to have your endorsement, thank you for your dedication and advocacy to protecting the rights of our communities! ... See MoreSee Less

I am honored to have your endorsement, thank you for your dedication and advocacy to protecting the rights of our communities!