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The Lens News
Seattle mayoral and city council candidates discuss Seattle housing

“I’m very interested in bringing folks together to rapidly address these issues…There are lessons to be learned when we bring together developers, community activists, people who will actually live there… I think then we can create the opportunity for folks to live and work in the place they call home.” … Read More

The C is for Crank
In the Trump Era, a Seattle-Only Health Care Option?

One thing Seattle does have in common with San Francisco, Mosqueda notes, is a large system of community health-care providers that could form the backbone of a public provider network. San Francisco’s “medical homes” are mostly community clinics, along with a few private providers. No one I spoke to in either city was placing bets on whether Trump will manage to overturn the Affordable Care Act this year, but both San Francisco health officials and Mosqueda said it’s a good idea for cities to prepare for the worst. “If we can actually create a pool that will allow people to get the comprehensive services that they need, then we should,” Mosqueda says. “I think it’s definitely possible in a post-ACA world” to deliver health-care services at the city level. “And also in a post-whatever-Trump-does world,” she adds. … Read More

The Stranger
Local Electeds and Candidates Respond to DACA Repeal:

"DACA recipients are our neighbors, friends, co-workers, spouses, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders," Mosqueda said. "They've grown up with us, studied with us, paid taxes with us and marched with us. Make no mistake: they are Americans and today the administration turned its back to them." … Read More
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